Corn Flakes

Morning Harvest Corn Flakes Are Breakfast Cereal Made From Toasting Flakes Of Corn (Maize). Enjoy A Classic, Healthier Breakfast With Morning Harvest Cornflakes Cereal. This Cholesterol-Free Cereal Has Been Kenyas' Number-One* Trusted Brand By Consumers And Retailers.

Choco Shells

These Are Lightly Processed Whole-Grain Food. Before Being Rolled Into Flat Flakes Under Heavy Rollers And Then Stabilized By Being Lightly Toasted. It Is Rich In Protein, Fibre And Is An Excellent Source Of Vitamin B Complex And Iron. It Is A Healthier Grain. Cook It With Milk Or Water And Add Fruits Or Veggies Of Your Choice. This Makes A Perfect Healthier Breakfast.

Bran Flakes

Bran Flakes

Deliciously Crunchy Whole Wheat Flakes. A Simple Way To Help Improve Your Digestive Health. Low In Calories And High In Fibre, These Are Made With Only Whole-Grain Wheat (Which Comprises Bran, Endosperm And Germ). The Perfect Wholesome Breakfast For Diabetics And Those Looking To Manage Blood Sugar.

Jumbo Oats

Porridge Prepared By Oats Is So Creamy That It Melts In Your Mouth. Relish A Quick Bowl Of Oats By Simply Adding Your Favourite Toppings Like Fruits, Honey, Syrup Etc. The High Fibre Content Keeps You Full For Longer And Provides Long-Lasting Energy Suitable For Today’s Active Lifestyle.

Rice Crispies

Rice Crispies Are Used To Enhance Chocolates, Gourmet-Dipped Pretzels, Barks, Clusters, Etc. It Contains Carbohydrate, Carbohydrates Are The Best Way To Get Energy From Your Food And You Need A Lot Of Energy When You Are Growing.